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Mini Bowl Short stripe

Mini Bowl Short stripe

€ 12,00Prijs

Designed with a modern point of view,all of ourterracotta ishand-thrownand hand paintedinCentralPortugal in a small family-ownedpotterythat has beeninoperationforover 200 years.


Microwave safe. Prior to first use, all pieces must be washed by hand in hot soapy water, well rinsed and allowed to air dry. To maintain the integrity of the pieces (i.e. color, glaze), dishwasher is not recommended, but is possible. The base of the jugs, and mugs may initially sweat. This is normal, and will decrease over time and with continued use. Please protect delicate surfaces that may be affected by water marks. If using a pitcher as a vase, please protect delicate surfaces and change water daily.

Hand made and had painted in Portugal!


Large bowl: d: 27cm, h: 3.5cm

Small bowl: d: 15.5cm, h: 3.5cm

Mini bowl: d: 9cm, h: 2.2cm

Small plate: d: 23cm, h: 3cm

Large plate: d: 27cm, h: 3cm

Platter: d: 40cm, h: 3cm

mini vase: d: 6cm, h: 12cm

medium vase: d: 9cm, h: 16cm

large vase: d: 12cm, h: 20cm

Belgium Based

T:   +32474 13 71 98



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